Embodiment of Nothingness
Creator Topaz M. Quartz
Attribute Divine Divine
Type(s) [ Divine-Beast/Nobody/Effect ]
Level 0
ATK / DEF 4000 / 0
(This card is always treated as a level 10 monster)

This card requires 5 monsters to Tribute Summon, cannot be Tribute Set, and cannot be Summoned by other ways. This card's Summon and effects cannot be negated. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects. Once per Turn: You can tribute 3 of your monsters to make this card have Infinite ATK for one turn. No other monsters can attack the turn this effect is activated. Once per Duel: You can sacrifice all of your Life Points to summon whose original names are Obelisk The Tormentor, The Winged Dragon of Ra and Slifer The Sky Dragon from your Deck or your Hand. This summon is treated as a Tribute Summon. Once per Battle Phase: You can send a level 12 Nobody monster from your hand to the Graveyard to end the Battle Phase immediately. If "Monster Reborn" was activated to resurrect this card, deal 1500 damage to the player who activated it and negate the effect. If the opponent has successfully summoned "The Creator God of Light, Horakhty" from their hand, you can sacrifice all of your Life Points to negate the summon. If this card were ever to be switched to Defense Position, destroy it instead. While you control this card, you cannot lose the Duel.

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