Emergence of Crows
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ECR-001 Murkrow Rare Effect Monster
ECR-002 Honchkrow Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ECR-003 Murkrow and Honchkrow Common Normal Spell
ECR–004 D.D. Crow Rare Effect Monster
ECR-005 D.D. Lammergeier Common Effect Monster
ECR-006 Crow Tengu Common Effect Monster
ECR-EN007 Crow Goblin Common Normal Monster
ECR-008 The Shadow who Controls the Dark Common Normal Monster
ECR-009 Whiptail Crow Common Normal Monster
ECR-010 Shadow Crow Rare Fusion Monster
ECR-011 Crow Fledgling Common Normal Monster
ECR-012 Yata-Garasu Super Rare Spirit Monster
ECR-013 Rival Crow Super Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
ECR-014 Junk Synchron Common Effect Tuner Monster
ECR-015 Bolt Hedgehog Common Effect Tuner Monster
ECR-016 Sinister Sprocket Common Effect Tuner Monster
ECR-017 Fish Crow Warrior Rare Effect Monster
ECR-018 Honchkrow's Coronation Rare Quick-Play Spell
ECR-019 Honchkrow-King of the Crows Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ECR-020 Honchkrow's Castle Common Field Spell
ECR-021 Honchkrow's Fleet Common Counter Trap
ECR-022 Stalked by a Shadow Rare Continuous Trap
ECR-023 Crow Villager Common Normal Monster
ECR-024 Temptation of Rival Crow Rare Normal Trap
ECR-025 Dark Crow Knight Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
ECR-026 Hoppip Common Effect Monster
ECR-027 Skiploom Rare Effect Monster
ECR-028 Jumpfluff Super Rare Effect Monster
ECR-029 Floating on the Winds Rare Continuous Spell
ECR-030 Hoppip Barrier Super Rare Continuous Trap
ECR-031 A Feint Plan Common Normal Trap
ECR-032 Castle Walls Common Normal Trap
ECR-033 The Reliable Guardian Common Quick-Play Spell
ECR-034 Icarus Attack Common Normal Trap
ECR-035 Boo Koo Common Normal Monster
ECR-036 Crow Goblin Magician Common Fusion Monster
ECR-037 Release the Guard Rare Ritual Spell
ECR-038 Enraged Crow Guard Rare Ritual/Effect Monster
ECR-039 Clark's Nutcracker Warrior Normal Effect Monster
ECR-040 Crow Cyborg Rare Synchro/Effect Monster
ECR-041 Ice Water Normal Normal Monster
ECR-042 Mer-Crow Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
ECR-043 Mallard of the Mist Rare Effect Monster
ECR-044 Mummified Ibis Super Rare Effect Monster
ECR-045 Hoppip and Murkrow Common Normal Spell
ECR-046 Crow Fusion Rare Normal Spell
ECR-047 D.D. Ultimate Beast Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ECR-048 D.D. Warrior Common Effect Monster
ECR-049 D.D. Warrior Lady Rare Effect Monster
ECR-050 D.D. Survivor Rare Effect Monster
ECR-051 D.D. Scout Plane Rare Effect Monster
ECR-052 D.D. Crazy Beast Common Effect Monster
ECR-053 Beastess Crow Common Normal Monster
ECR-054 Crow of the Oceans Common Normal Monster
ECR-055 Enraged Crow of the Oceans Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
ECR-056 Shapesnatch Common Normal Monster
ECR-057 Shapesnatch's Awful Power Super Rare Continuous Spell
ECR-058 Shapesnatched Honchkrow, King of the Crows Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ECR-059 Dark Honchkrow, King of the Crows Ultra Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
ECR-060 Gagogiga Gagagigo Rare Normal Monster
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