End Tokens are an Archetype that represents Past, Present and Future. This End Tokens can only be summoned when a Herr monster is summoned and the opponent has 3 unnocuppied Monster Card Zones, End Tokens are summoned in the opponent's side of the field. This End Tokens will increases the ATK/DEF depending of the card removed from play that specify in the card's text. If the Herr monster destroys all 3 End Tokens by battle and send to the Graveyard, the controller wins the match.

End Tokens

SPED1-001: Abschluss End Token (past)

SPED1-011: Zwischenspiel End Token (interval)

SPED1-003: Anbruch End Token (Future)

The End Tokens appears in the Duels of Destiny: Special Edition 01

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