Endless War is a Booster Pack. It is the First one made by Playmaker0122. This set is followed by Path to Infinity.

The Cover Card is Destiny HERO - Devastator

Includes members/support for the: Speedroid, Magician, Odd-Eyes, Destiny Hero, Cloudian, Prankids, And Invoked Archetypes.

Introduces the: Z-Force and Galaxy HERO Archetype.

Endless War
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ENWR-001 Speedroid Action Knight Common Effect Monster
ENWR-002 Speedroid Devil Dice Common Effect Tuner Monster
ENWR-003 Speedroid Brick Fig Rare Effect Monster
ENWR-004 Speedroid Card Dealer Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-005 Speedroid Jax Snake Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-006 Odd-Eyes Magician (Playmaker0122) Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-007 Blaze Magician Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-008 Waterfall Magician Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-009 Tornado Magician Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-010 Boulder Magician Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-011 Destiny HERO - Data Common Effect Monster
ENWR-012 Destiny HERO - Detonation Guy Common Effect Flip Monster
ENWR-013 Destiny HERO - Damage Lord Rare Effect Monster
ENWR-014 Destiny HERO - Overlord Super Rare Effect Monster
ENWR-015 Cloudian - Static Cloud Common Effect Tuner Monster
ENWR-016 Cloudian - Hail Cloud Common Effect Monster
ENWR-017 Z-Force Brawler Rare Effect Monster
ENWR-018 Z-Force Crawler Common Effect Monster
ENWR-019 Z-Force Enforcer Rare Effect Monster
ENWR-020 Z-Force Gardna Common Effect Monster
ENWR-021 Z-Force Knight Common Effect Monster
ENWR-022 Aleister the Master Invoker Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-023 Edith, Keeper of the Invoked Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-024 Apprentice of Aleister Common Effect Monster
ENWR-025 Galaxy HERO Asteroid Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-026 Galaxy HERO Satellite Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-027 Galaxy HERO Solar Ray Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-028 Galaxy HERO Meteor Man Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-029 Galaxy HERO Planet Explorer Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-030 Galaxy HERO Shuttle Man Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ENWR-031 Prank-Kids Pebblesies Common Effect Monster
ENWR-032 Prank-Kids Shadesies Common Effect Monster
ENWR-033 Prank-Kids Shinesies Common Effect Monster
ENWR-034 Speedroid Duel Gauntlet Rare Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-035 Destiny HERO - Predator Common Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-036 Destiny HERO - Devastator Secret Rare Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-037 Cloudian - Raging Typhoon Rare Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-038 Prank-Kids Dual Dude Common Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-039 Invoked Atlas Common Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-040 Invoked Grim Rare Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-041 Galaxy HERO Impact Common Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-042 Galaxy HERO Solar Satellite Common Effect Fusion Monster
ENWR-043 Hi-Speedroid Spinblade Common Effect Synchro Monster
ENWR-044 Cloudian - Twister Dragon Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
ENWR-045 Z-Force Paladin Common Effect Link Monster
ENWR-046 Z-Force Dragoon Rare Effect Link Monster
ENWR-047 Prank-Kids Mad Mixer Common Effect Link Monster
ENWR-048 Galaxy HERO Signal Common Normal Spell
ENWR-049 Galaxy HERO League Common Normal Spell
ENWR-050 Galaxy HERO Space Station Super Rare Field Spell
ENWR-051 Appearing Trick Common Normal Spell
ENWR-052 Magic Transfer Common Quick-Play Spell
ENWR-053 Blazing Ring Trick Rare Continuous Spell
ENWR-054 Z-Summon Common Normal Spell
ENWR-055 Z-Force Strike Common Quick-Play Spell
ENWR-056 Z-Force Calling Common Continuous Spell
ENWR-057 Z-Force Tower Rare Continuous Spell
ENWR-058 Speedroid Summon Dice Common Normal Spell
ENWR-059 D - Guard Common Quick-Play Spell
ENWR-060 D - Spear Common Equip Spell
ENWR-061 Mark of Alchemy Common Equip Spell
ENWR-062 Garden of Eden Common Continuous Spell
ENWR-063 Chaos Invocation Super Rare Normal Spell
ENWR-064 Prank-Kids Playplace Common Field Spell
ENWR-065 Prank-Kids Pick Up Common Normal Spell
ENWR-066 Prank-Kids Preparing Rare Normal Spell
ENWR-067 Prank-Kids Precautions Common Normal Trap
ENWR-068 Prank-Kids Payback Rare Continuous Trap
ENWR-069 Road Rage Common Normal Trap
ENWR-070 Z-Force Barrier Common Normal Trap
ENWR-071 Z-Force Counter Common Counter Trap
ENWR-072 Z-Whirlwind Rare Normal Trap
ENWR-073 Galaxy HERO Asteroid Rain Common Normal Trap
ENWR-074 Galaxy HERO Launch Rare Normal Trap
ENWR-075 Galaxy HERO Vortex Rare Normal Trap
ENWR-076 Cloudian Blizzard Rare Continuous Trap
ENWR-077 D - Survive Common Normal Trap
ENWR-078 Pendulum Return Common Normal Trap
ENWR-079 Treasures of Alchemy Common Normal Trap
ENWR-080 Sacrifice For Alchemy Rare Continuous Trap
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