The Entity of Space - Fancy HERO Kosmos

Entity of the Galaxy is a group of Synchro Monsters appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ Manga. They were inspired by Pokemon's three Legendary Pokemons from Shinnoh Region; Palkia, Dialga and Giratina. They are the servants of Galaxia, Entity of the Universe. At future chapters it is revealed that there are 5 Entities of the Galaxy being the 2 new members are the Guardians and both Synchro Tuner Monsters.


All of the designs were Xenosaga inspired (with the exception of Kaleidos, Goddess of Dimensions). Their appearances are more like a female androids more likely from Xenosaga. Kosmos looks like the original K.O.S.M.O.S. from Xenosaga, and Kronos is like T-ELOS with some time dial revolving on her back. Kaleidos' appearance is an original with more unique design than the four. Kyrios appears a similar female version of Steelswarm Greys and Kamellias looks like a robotic version of Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.

Playing Style

  • Divinity Kronos' ability are with the use of Time Counters. Its effects varies depending on how many Time Counters you removed from it. It can negate an attack, return a card on the field to the owner's deck, and can Special Summon a monster that was destroyed.
  • Kaleidos, Goddess of Dimensions abilities are negating an effect of destroying card(s) like Stardust Dragon, but it removes the negated card from play. When doing this effect it is also removed from play and returns during the End Phase. And also, when removed from play other than its own, it will return during your Standby Phase. Kaleidos' power is harnessed by the monsters that are removed from play, so it is best to add cards that can remove from play (Examples are Different Dimension Decks). This card can also be Synchro Summoned during your opponent's turn. It's Tuner is a Synchro Monster, Micro Kaleidos, Angel of Dimensions. Therefore, Kaleidos is an Accel Synchro Monster.


Kosmos supports the Fancy HERO monsters, Kronos supports Divinity monsters and Kamellias supports Roselianne monsters.. Kaleidos and Kyrios has no archetype supported.

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