Name Eri
Age 17 (debut)
Gender Female
Relatives Yuzu Hiragi (Standard Dimension counterpart)
Selena (Fusion Dimension counterpart)
Rin (Synchro Dimension counterpart)
Ruri Kurosaki (Xyz Dimension counterpart)
Rydia (Ritual Dimension counterpart)
Izanami (Dark Synchro Dimension counterpart)
Deck Unknown
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V sequel fanfiction

Eri (エリ Eri) is a character in a future ARC-V sequel fanfiction. She is the Composition Dimensional counterpart of Yuzu Hiragi. She is one of the main fighters of her Dimension as well as Yume's personal guard.


Eri has average skin, hazel eyes, and shoulder-length maroon hair that falls down the sides of her head, with the exception of one part that comes down over her face, covering one of her eyes. Like her counterparts, her facial features look identical to Yuzu's, and she has the same two sidetails in her hair, hers being vermillion in color. She also wears a bracelet like them, which has a red jewel in the shape of a small spire, similar in appearance to the crystal of a Soul Tower.

Eri's outfit is a simple short-sleeved orange shirt, a red jacket over it, skin-tight dark burgundy pants with a black belt, and brown boots. While only half-visible, Eri also wears reading glasses with black rounded rectangular rims. Notably, parts of her outfit are actually armored, those being the breast area of her top, her shoulders, her forearms, and her knees.


As a guard, Eri knows not to lose sight of her duties, and will fight as hard as she can to protect the one she's guarding. However, she is far from closed off, having a healthy amount of passion and energy. In Duels, this makes her rather boisterous, laughing heartily in response to good moves. If she's angry, though, keep your distance, because she's out to lay a smackdown.

A social girl, Eri enjoys gatherings and having fun with others. At the same time, she hates seeing people not partaking in the enjoyment (especially Yume), and will often try to get them to loosen up, usually by slinging her arm around their shoulder in a friendly way.


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Eri is Yume's friend and personal guard, and thus she keeps him safe from trouble. Yume often worries about her due to his dislike of violence, but he knows that Eri is capable of protecting herself. Eri herself doesn't like how Yume is rather anti-social and meek, and often ropes him into activities since Eri is mainly the only person who can help Yume overcome his timidity.

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