Essence Crystal is an Archetype of Equip Spell Cards created by Taylor Gorrell. The Archetype is a very simple one, as they all possess almost the exact same lore:

Equip only to a(n) *insert Type*-Type monster. When the equipped monster attacks: Increase its ATK by half its current ATK during the Battle Phase. After damage calculation: Destroy this card.

As such, there is one Essence Crystal for each Type in the game, except Divine-Beast and Creator God. Due to how specific they are, using multiple different Essence Crystals in one Deck usually isn't a very good idea. However, "Crystal Cruncher LV4" and its evolved form "Crystal Cruncher LV8" are able to use any Essence Crystal card, so a Deck that uses them can use multiple different Essence Crystals with relative safety.


  • The Essence Crystals are based off of the Gems from the Pokemon video game franchise, which gave an attacking move of a specific Type a 50% power boost (only in Generation V; the boost was cut to 30% in Generation VI) when used, but the Gem could only be used once. "Crystal Cruncher LV4" is based on the Pokemon Sableye, who is stated to eat gemstones, and "Crystal Cruncher LV8" is based on Sabludiam, a fan-made Sableye evolution created by Taylor Gorrell. The ability to use any Gem derives from a fan-made signature move for both Sableye and Sabludiam: Gem Crunch, which can steal any Gem that an opponent is holding and eat it, giving Sableye or Sabludiam the power boost on standby.
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