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Ex-Hero Combo Pack is a pack which (created by Ripsteed) uses the twin Ex-Elemental Heroes, Falkios, Protector Of The Weak and Osprios, Guardian Of Treasures to create various fusions and effect monsters. I intend to create 30 cards (like a Duelist Pack) So far, only a few cards have been made. You are free to submit any ideas you have and create any cards you wish. Please join in!

This page is will not be in use due to the fact Ripsteed has decided to end his work here.


The list of monsters so far.

Falkios, Protector Of The Weak

Osprios, Guardian Of Treasures

Falkios Fieros

Meda Falkios

Falkios Of The Deep

Thornos Falkios

Elemental HERO Falkios

Elemental HERO Osprios


The list of Spells so far.

Fusion Alley

Adaptation Of The Osprey

Horn Of Falkios

Purifying Reconciliation

Neo Reconciliation


The list of traps so far.

When All Else Fails

Planned Cards

For another list of planned cards, visit my page.

Osprios Geos

Osprios Hatchetios