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“Ex-Labyrinth” (or Extreme-Labyrinth) is an archetype of EARTH monsters created by LGhostRiderl and debuted in Thousand Faces.


All "Ex-Labyrinth" cards are EARTH versions of cards used by Paradox Brothers on Yugioh anime/manga:

"Ex-Labyrinth" Card "Paradox" Card
Shadow Wall Shadow
Tank Labyrinth Tank
Worm Dungeon Worm
Spirit of Thunder Sanga of the Thunder
Spirit of Wind Kazejin
Spirit of Water Suijin
Master Monster Tamer
Guardian Gate Guardian
The Magical Ex-Labyrinth Labyrinth Wall
Ex-Labyrinth Control Magical Labyrinth

Playing Style

All “Ex-Labyrinth” monsters (with the exception of “Master” and “Shadow”) possess the following effect:

“If no Spell, Trap or Monster Card on your opponent's side of the field is in the same column as this card, while you control "The Magical Ex-Labyrinth": This card can attack your opponent directly.”

An "Ex-Labyrinth” deck focus on Swarm and Direct Attacks, with the protection of "Magical Ex-Labyrinth". "Shadow" can Special Summon itself any time you control a face-up "Ex-Labyrinth" monster other than itself, to easy Synchro Summons, "Tank" can clear the field, "Worm" can Special Summon any "Ex-Labyrinth" monster from Hand or Graveyard, and the level 5 "Ex-Labyrinth" monsters can be easy Special Summoned by it's effects.

"Ex-Labyrinth" monsters need a clear column to make a direct attack, so cards like "The Magical Ex-Labyrinth", "Ex-Labyrinth Control", "Spirit of Wind" and "Spirit of Water" can move cards on the field to different positions, while "Ex-Labyrinth Control" and "Guardian" can block certains unoccupied card zones to not be used.