Exosfear is an archetype of Zombie-Type Level 3 Effect Monsters and Level 8 Fusion Monsters created by CardMakerDoge. They were heavily based in the necromorphs from the Dead Space series of Video Games.


The word Exosfear is a wordplay with the words "Exosphere", which is the name given to the highest region of the atmosphere, and "Fear", meaning fear, making a joke on how the pronunciation of "Phere" sounds like "Fear".

All monsters in the archetype have their name based after an artificial satellite in geosynchronous orbit, as listed below:

Exosfear Monster Artificial Satellite
Exosfear - Americom Americom-8
Exosfear - Anik Anik F3
Exosfear - Astra Astra 1C
Exosfear - Ciel Ciel-2
Exosfear - Kopernikus DFS Kopernikus
Exosfear - Sirius Sirius 4
Exosfear - Spuk Sputnik 1
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