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F. Number 39: Utopia Harmony
F(ゆうごう)No.(ナンバーズ)39 野心王子(やしんおうじ)ハーモニー
Japan-flag.png Romaji Yūgō Nanbāzu Sanjūkyū Yashin'ōji Hāmonī
Japan-flag.png Translated Fusion Numbers 39: Prince of Ambition, Harmony
Attribute Light Light.png
Type(s) [ Warrior/Fusion/Effect ]
Level 7 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 2500 / 2000
1 Level 4 monster + 1 Warrior-type or Xyz Monster
When this card is Fusion Summoned: You can add 1 Level 4 monster from your Graveyard to your hand, except a monster used as Fusion Material for this card's Fusion Summon. When a Warrior-type monster is Special Summoned to your field: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or below monster from your Graveyard, but its original ATK becomes 0, also it cannot be used as Fusion Material.
Summon chant "Valiant warriors, combine the fire in your souls to give rise to the aspiring prince that paves the road to a better future! Fusion Summon! Descend upon us now, Fusion Numbers 39! Level 7 - Prince of Ambition, Harmony!"