Archetype Information
Name Fallen Hero
Appears In Yugioh DQ

Fallen scene

Fallen HERO Dark Athena, Fallen HERO Dark Erminguard and Fallen HERO Dark Valerie in Fallen Fusion's artwork.

The Fallen Heroes are corrupted versions of the Fancy HEROs, all being DARK Fiend-Type monsters.

Playing Style

Interestingly, they share similarities with the Earthbound Immortals. They require a Field Spell Card to be active in order to remain on the field, specifically "Fallen City". Also, due to their effects, there cannot be more than 1 face-up Fallen Heroes on the field with the same name. The similarities are seen again in Fallen HERO Dark Valerie's effect, which prevents it being attacked while it can attack directly. This leads to the theory that the same darkness that created the Earthbound Immortals also corrupted the Hero archetypes, forming their darker counterparts.

Like the Fancy Heroes, the Fallen Heroes have "Aurelius" forms, who represent an atonement or rebirth for the dark monsters.

Fallen Hero Deck

A Deck focussed on the Fallen Heroes will follow a similar set-up to an Evil Hero Deck, since like the Evil Heroes, support cards for the Fallen Heroes are few and far between. However, their effects and power more than makes up that weakness.


One weakness the Fallen Heroes will find difficult to shield is Fallen City. If that is removed, all Fallen Heroes are destroyed instantly, leaving your field wide open.


The Fallen Heroes appear in the YuGiOh DQ manga, used by the main protagonist Yumi after her apparent defeat and death by the Gothica Hero user Carmen Carmine.

Consumed by darkness at the fear of her own demise, Yumi's heart opened itself to the Phantom Eye, a malevolent gem she wore and transformed herself into Dark Yumi, and her Fancy Hero cards into the Fallen Heroes. Unlike Judai from YuGiOh GX, who was forcefully released from the dark power controlling him, Yumi suffers from a dichotomy during a Phantom Duel.

After her loss to Carmen Carmine, Yumi lost her will to duel, while her evil side Duels with Yumi's love ones. Then a light appeared before Yumi and then she met Fancy HERO Micro Kosmos and helped her to get back her will to duel and defeat Dark Yumi through Fancy HERO Kosmos. Yumi has gain control her "Phantom" powers and as well as her Fallen Heroes with their Aurelius forms.

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