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Fancy Hero Phoenix Champion, one of the Fancy Hero Fusion Monsters.

The Fancy Hero cards are a series of exclusively female Warrior-Type monsters without a specific shared Attribute. They are used by Yuki Vandrille in Saiba Aisu's Fan Fic, Days of the Black Apple. They were personally designed by Chizuruotohime and Kaibaman, with various image and effect edits by Saiba Aisu.


The Fancy Heroes are female versions of the Elemental HEROs in most cases, possessing similar support cards, effects, Attributes, ATK, and DEF scores to their male counterparts. In appearance, they tend to resemble their respective Elemental HERO counterparts, although their design also incorporates elements similar to the outfits featured in the anime Sailor Moon.

Playing Style

Due to their generally unimpressive ATK scores, the Fancy Heroes are usually fused together in order to Summon more powerful Fusion Monsters. Apart from being members of the well-supported Warrior type, they also have access to a wide variety of useful Spells/Traps, including cards like Aurelia Exchange, which lets the player exchange one Fancy Hero monster for another of the same Level, and Fancy Fusion, which allows the player to use Fancy Heroes on the Field or Graveyard in a similar style to that of Miracle Fusion