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The Fancy HEROs are a HERO sub-archetype and an obvious female counterpart to the Elemental HERO (For example, Fancy HERO Kosmos can be seen as Elemental HERO Neos's counterpart). They are primarily used by Yumi Fuuko in the Yu-Gi-Oh! DQ manga. Alternate versions were also created by Saiba Aisu.


The Fancy Heroes were originally created by Chizuruotohime and originally drawn by her artist Jadenkaiba. Chizuru created the Fancy Heroes because of her obsession with the Elemental HEROs and decided to create female counterparts. Their appearance and outfits are similar to characters from the "Sailor Moon" franchise but with some modified outfits (like Fancy HERO Charlemagne whose outfit is similar to M. Bison/Vega and Fancy HERO Athena, whose appearance resembles Athena Asamiya).

Playing Style

The Fancy HEROs share many similarities with their counterparts, including original ATK and DEF. All Fancy HERO monsters are Effect Monsters, unlike the Elemental HEROs. Their support cards are also based on Elemental HERO support, such as Fantasy Fusion ("Miracle Fusion"), Fancy Signal ("Hero Signal") and Fancy Tower ("Skyscraper").

Not all Fancy HEROs have Elemental HERO counterparts, such as Fancy HERO Kitami and Fancy HERO Sugar. Future releases also point to original cards. Like the Elemental HEROs, they also have some character support cards that let them Special Summon themselves from hand or deck when all the requirements have been met ( like Sniping Arrow, that Special Summons Freya from hand or deck when it negates 2 or more Spell or Trap Cards from being destroyed ).

Similar to the "/Assault Mode" monsters released in Crimson Crisis, Fancy HEROs have a counterpart to supplement their Fusion Monsters, known as "Aurelius". Unlike "/Assault Mode" monsters, an "Aurelius" transformation removes the original monster from play, hindering the player if the Aurelius monster is destroyed.

They also have an evil counterparts, Fallen HEROs like "Evil HEROs.

One large difference between these HEROs and the Elemental HEROs is that the Fancy HEROs include Synchro, and by extension, Tuner monsters, giving a Fancy HERO user an extra edge during a Duel.