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Fanfic unknown
Gender Male
Species Barian
Dueling Details
Deck Stellar Malice

Farakad is a Barian in Rocket Knight 777's Zexal II universe. He is partnered and friends with Alito.


Farakad is by far the shortest of the Barians, coming up to about Alito's chin. While he was in the Barian World, he wore light green robes with a hood over his head and eyes that glowed with a near emerald light.

In his true form, Farakad is a pale green-skinned Barian with a solid hemisphere shaped helmet with two small horns on the top of his head and black vein-like markings across his face. He wears sea green shorts decorated with two cornflower blue gems on each leg and an elaborate belt also with a cornflower blue gem in the center. He also has a large Barian emblem with a forest green outline on the left side of his chest. He keeps his Baria Lapis on his right wrist.

While in human form, Farakad takes the shape of a young, pale skinned teenager with hazel eyes and freckles. His hair is simple bowl cut with a cowlick sticking straight up on either side of his head near the top. Despite looking younger than Alito, he appears disguised as a third-year student in Heartland Academy, thus wearing the standard blue-lined uniform, blue tie, blue pants and brown shoes. After officially joining Simon Notroson's team, he started to wear a light green polo with white and forest green stripes, khaki shorts, pale green socks and brown sandals as well as a black watch on his left wrist.

During his previous life as a human, Farakad wore blue jean overalls over a red and blue checkered long-sleeved shirt and black work boots.


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Farakad's name is derived from Gamma Ursae Minoris, also known as Pherkad, a star located in the Little Dipper asterism.



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Simon Notroson

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Farakad uses a Stellar Malice/Planetary Deck, which focuses mainly on swarming the field with the Level 4 Stellar Malice monster to Xyz Summon monsters like Stellar Malice of The Snake Bearer, Ophiuchus while also bringing together the varying Levels of the Planetary monsters to set things up for his main ace Number 110: Alphcenturion, Warrior of the Galaxy.