The Feared monsters are a series of DARK monsters with one member from each of the 21 Monster Types. Their strategy of these cards is distribute Fear Counters across the monsters on the field, then use the effect of their signature Field Spell, "Realm of Fear," to prevent all monsters (except Feared monsters) from performing any actions (leaving them literally frozen in fear). Many of the monsters in the series require Fear Counters to use their effects. Some of the monsters in this series have high ATK stats, allowing a Feared Deck to play a half-Stall, half-Beatdown strategy. The ultimate goal of this series is to try and place 10 Fear Counters on the field in order to Special Summon the trump card, "Feared Dragon", at its full strength (5000 points on both stats).


This series is heavily reliant on "Realm of Fear," as the Fear Counters have no effect without them. If the opponent can manage to destroy it, this Deck can be nearly helpless. Also, as none of the monsters in this series share a Type with each other, this Deck is completely unable to use cards that support Types without the aid of cards that change Types, like DNA Surgery.


Monster Cards

Feared Zombie - Feared Crow - Feared Magician - Feared Piranha - Feared Golem - Feared Archfiend - Feared Knight

Feared Gloucester - Feared Centaur - Feared Hitodama - Feared Kraken - Feared Lynx - Feared Pterodactyl - Feared Angel

Feared Mantis - Feared Drone - Feared Flytrap - Feared Mutant - Feared Frillneck - Feared Stormcloud

Feared Dragon

Spell Cards

Realm of Fear - Fear of Loneliness - Eternal Fear - Fearful Rebirth

Trap Cards

Paranoid Self-Destruction - Resurrection of The Feared - Frightening Surprise

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