Final Destination
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
FIDE-EN001 Laval Volcano Prince Normal Rare Normal Tuner Monster
FIDE-EN002 Fumetsu no Bakudan Rare Effect Monster
FIDE-EN003 Uchu Bakudan Common Effect Pendulum Monster
FIDE-EN004 Kaku Bakudan Common Effect Pendulum Monster
FIDE-EN005 Flame Butterfly Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN006 Pterobanish Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN007 Cyber Elemental Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN008 Darkness Fusion Servant Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN009 The First of D. Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN010 D.D. Cleaner Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN011 Sulfurddron Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN012 Sealed Fiend - The Vulcan Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN013 Super Ratoon, Hero of the Rats Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN014 Super Ratoon - Diamond Armor Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN015 Super Ratoon - Diamond Sword Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN016 Super Ratoon - Cat Mascot Common Effect monster
FIDE-EN017 Archfiend Spirit Common Effect Tuner Monster
FIDE-EN018 Tuner Defender Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
FIDE-EN019 Neo-Spacian Chrisalar Rare Effect Monster
FIDE-EN020 Puzzle Clown Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN021 Kalius, the Underrated Darkness Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN022 Walu Kazu Super Rare Effect Monster
FIDE-EN023 Gravekeeper's Tank Mage Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN024 Goblin Sheep-Hunter Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN025 Traptrix Pinguicula Common Effect Pendulum Monster
FIDE-EN026 Traptrix Latrodectus Common Effect Pendulum Monster
FIDE-EN027 Galaxy-Photon Baby-Dragon Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN028 LV Summoner Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN029 Venom Poison-Dragon Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN030 Holy Sniper Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN031 Bloodyssal Cookiecutter Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN032 Bloodyssal Pelican eel Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN033 Bloodyssal Lanterfish Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN034 Bloodyssal Fangtooth Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN035 Bloodyssal Sabertooth Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN036 Gimmick Puppet Shadow Doll Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN037 Fallen Servant - Uria Rare Effect Monster
FIDE-EN038 Petit Moth Spider-Web Wall Common Effect Union Monster
FIDE-EN039 Petit Moth Scarab Warrior Common Effect Union Monster
FIDE-EN040 Zombie Castle - The Keyer Common Effect Monster
FIDE-EN041 Zombie Castle - The World Ultra Rare Effect Monster
FIDE-EN042 Super Ratoon - Diamond Hero Common Effect Ritual Monster
FIDE-EN043 Super Ratoon - Ultimate Toon Hero Normal Rare Effect Ritual Monster
FIDE-EN044 Super Ratoon - Diamond Cat Common Effect Ritual Monster
FIDE-EN045 Bloodyssal Mermaid Rare Link Monster
FIDE-EN046 H2SO4 Dragon Common Link Monster
FIDE-EN047 Despair from the Phoenix Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
FIDE-EN048 Cannon-Commander Normal Rare Effect Fusion Monster
FIDE-EN049 Neo-Mammoth Common Effect Fusion Monster
FIDE-EN050 Twin Long Rods 3 Common Effect Fusion Monster
FIDE-EN051 Ice-Eyes Barrier Dragon Normal Rare Effect Synchro Monster
FIDE-EN052 Bloodyssal Giant Anglerfish Common Effect Xyz Monster
FIDE-EN053 Bloodyssal Giant Viperfish Common Effect Xyz Monster
FIDE-EN054 Zombie Castle - Entrance Common Continuous Spell Card
FIDE-EN055 Zombie Castle - Death Room Common Continuous Spell Card
FIDE-EN056 Zombie Castle - Stairs Common Continuous Spell Card
FIDE-EN057 Bloodyssal Zone Rare Field Spell Card
FIDE-EN058 Despair from the Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
FIDE-EN059 Super Ratoon Call Common Ritual Spell Card
FIDE-EN060 Super Ratoon Signal Common Ritual Spell Card
FIDE-EN061 Super Ratoon City Rare Field Spell Card
FIDE-EN062 Dragon's Secret Treasure Common Quick-Play Spell Card
FIDE-EN063 Mothforest Common Field Spell Card
FIDE-EN064 Ultimate Gemini Fusion Normal Rare Continuous Spell Card
FIDE-EN065 Book of the Ice Barrier Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
FIDE-EN066 Bakudan Volcano Factory Common Normal Spell Card
FIDE-EN067 The Seal of Elements Common Field Spell Card
FIDE-EN068 Sealed Fiend Power Common Counter Trap Card
FIDE-EN069 Mothswarm Common Continuous Trap Card
FIDE-EN070 Despair from the Graveyard Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN071 Bloodyssal Giant Bite Common Counter Trap Card
FIDE-EN072 The Shadow of the Graveyard Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN073 Mystic Draw Piper Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN074 Fairplay Reincarnation Common Counter Trap Card
FIDE-EN075 Scale Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN076 Safest Mirror Force Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN077 Archfiend's Darkness Help Common Normal Trap Card
FIDE-EN078 Soul Sanctuary Common Continuous Trap Card
FIDE-EN079 Madness Roulette Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
FIDE-EN080 Link Broken! Common Normal Trap Card
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