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Finalswarm, known as Neoverz in the OCG, is a subset of the "lswarm" Archetype, consisting solely of monsters that have been Summoned through the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Infestation Evolution". They are used exclusively by Yamoto to evolve the spreading Verz virus into their ultimate stage of existence, as shown by the "Rank-Up-Magic"'s name. In continuities outside of the Numbershots, Finalswarms are also designated through being called "VXyz" short for "Verz Xyz" (VX(ヴェルエクシーズ) Veruzu Ekushīzu). Numbers affected by this card are called "Verz Numbers", regardless of whether or not the writer calls them "Evilswarm" or "Verz" normally.

Xyz Materials attached to "Finalswarm" monsters start out like normal Xyz Materials, but they change into Verz energy, shown as a pulsating dark blue, dark purple, black, and white tie-dye, and arrange themselves in a circle above the monster's head. The Materials are then connected through purple lines to create a circle, and an "lswarm" symbol is drawn in the circle's center in the same purple lines.

All "Finalswarm" monsters are depicted in their artworks in front of a black cloud tunnel, which they emerge from when they are Summoned in fanfics. Due to being "lswarms", all Finalswarms are DARK, and their appearances are set aside from normal "lswarms" by their Verz-energy-colored skin.

As the final stage of the "lswarm" invasion, the "Finalswarms" have adapted to numerous strategies that can either build off of their original forms or diverge completely. However, their Rank-Up-Magic seems to have an adverse effect: Each use causes a small purple blotch on their skin. It is unknown what these blotches mean yet, however.