The Flare Heroes are another Hero-themed archetype and they are primarily used by Steve Hudson in the Generation Duelist! Manga.

Archetype Information
Name Flare Hero
Appears In Generation Duelist!

Steve Hudson



The Flare Heroes are originally created by Shanoske They have been drawn, but not uploaded yet because their still details needed to be made their mostly take the shape of their name titles.

Playing Style

The Flare Hero share many similarities with their counterparts of Elemental Heroes Evil Heroes and Destiny Heroes. All Flare Hero monsters are Effect Monsters, unlike the Elemental Heroes. Their support cards are also based on Elemental Hero support, such as Flare Fusion, Flare Signal, and Sun Realm

These heroes are totally different for other heroes the Special Abilities makes up for their attack points where they inflict damage to the opponent in order to activate their abilities, but they still can battle depending on what the ability stated

One large difference between these heroes and the Elemental Heroes is that the Flare Heroes include Transformation Summon, Synchro, and by extension, Tuner monsters, giving a Flare Hero user an extra edge during a Duel while inflicting damage to their opponent as well beating out the basic standards of Heroes and Volcanic creatures.

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