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Flip Monster Effects occur when a Flip Effect Monster is flipped face-up; either as a result of battle, a Flip Summon, or by another card effect that specifically flips it up, such as "Swords of Revealing Light". Cards like "Ceasefire" can flip face-down cards face-up, but no Flip Effects can be activated.

If the monster is flipped up and destroyed as a result of battle, the card is destroyed first, and then its effect is activated (on the field) and resolved in the Damage Step to prevent the card from targeting itself in the cases of effects like "Hane-Hane". Not all monsters with effects that activate upon flipping face-up are Flip Effect monsters. There are also Pseudo-Flip Effect monsters whose effects can bypass those that negate Flip Effects (such as "Ceasefire").



FLIP: destroy 1 monster on field

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