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"As my service to God"
— Floresa Mirai —

Floresa Mirai is a cute, innocent and amateur female Duelist in the Yu-Gi-Oh video games as well as one of other characters in the game, Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 5 and like Roan and other characters, also make her no appearances in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and manga, and she more like amateur duelist like mid-level duelist contestants and more friendly in the game. She game voiced by Mika Kanai in Japanese version who voiced for Vanilla H. from Galaxy Angel.

Her first name is Floresa and surname is Mirai, it means The Future.

Character Design

Character Information
Name Floresa Mirai
Kanji フロレサ・ミライ
Role Innocent Nun Duelist
Age 19
Appears In Yugioh Tag Force 5
Gender Female
Deck Holy Tactics

Floresa is often described as a cute and kind young girl of seventeen and she looks like the same as Sonia Shaflnarz from Hayate the Combat Butler. usually in her Nun dress outfit, consists of the long black blouse and long skirt as well as she have a cross in her necklace, inside is gray tights and brown boosts. She has a short blue hair, purple eyes and wears glasses. She carries a Standard Duel Disk on her left arm.

Character biography

Floresa was once a sister at the Church of Alexander Mark who Sonia impersonates. While in the first time, Floresa meet Roan at Makati hometown and she was trusted when meeting Roan for the first time. While aiding Roan during Tag Duels, she helps him what Roan doing. as follow the duels, she helps Roan in tag duel against some of mid-level duelist contestants in the Ayala mall in Makati City. Like Maria, Floresa showed a true heartful of having to partner Roan, and seemed to fell in love every moment of it.

She attends in Tag Duel Contest along with Roan, she gave a lot of win duels without being losing once. After the day of Tag Duel Contest and following in the days, many people in the Makati City who wants to interview about native Duelist when Floresa became more interesting see the many people wants more duels in Ayala Center.


Unlike Fortesia Neas, Floresa is polite and soft-spoken young girl. She almost never actually becomes "angry" or "Shouting" per se; if she is displeased she is usually just sad or disappointed instead. while in dueling, she became serious to the point of duel. Due to extremely intelligent like Maria, Floresa became an elite within the tag duels, she always a middle and could have her strategies.

Unlike Maria and highly experienced in duels, Floresa ends up being chosen as the duelist, her deck is Holy Tactics, remade of Fairy deck, which used to focused on her LIGHT monsters as well as the Effect monsters.


Floresa's personal deck is Holy Tactics remade of Fairy deck (also known as Floresa Tactics), which used to focused on her LIGHT monsters as well as the Effect monsters. Also one of her card from Rafael is Guardian Eatos.

Holy Tactics