Floreca's design by Jadenkaiba.

Floresca Floredalle is Yumi's long-time friend and sparring partner for Dueling. Although Floresca is a talented and genius girl when it comes to Duel Monsters, she has yet to defeat Yumi, despite her impressive knowledge. Floresca uses a "Roselianne" Deck, composed of various Plant-Type monsters.

Character Information
Name Floresca Floredalle
Kanji フロレスカ フロレデッレ
Age 14
Appears In Yugioh DQ Manga
Gender Female

Character Design

Floresca has this long curly styled white hair with pink shading and her casual attire consisting of brown dress with long-sleeve polo shirt and green skirt. She also wears a red ribbon on her hair.

Character Biography

(To be confirmed)


Floresca is like a Genius who knows a lot when it comes to Duel Monsters. Even at a young age, she acts like a matured person. She is witty and full of strategy when she is dueling and never allow mistakes.


Rosemarie Floredalle

Floresca's loving and sweet mother who owns their Family Tradition Flower Shop. She grew her daughter alone because her husband died on an accident.

Floresca's father

An artist working for the "Industrial Illusions". He created the "Roselianne" deck as a gift to Rosemarie before they were married.


A very close friend of Floresca's father who entrusted him to take care of the "Sun Flower Dragon" card before he died in an accident.

Yumi Fuuko

Her long-time friend and treats her like a real sister figure.


Opponent Outcome
Yumi Fuuko Lose
Hideo (TBA)

Floresca uses her father's created deck, the "Roselianne" monsters, that consists of all Plant-Type monsters, that uses "Seed Counters" and "Seed Tokens" to activate their effects. They support all existing Plant-Type decks.

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