The Forge archetype (フォージ, Fōji) is an EARTH archetype primarily composed of Pyro-Type monsters supporting Warrior-Type Ritual Monsters. Each of their cards are based off of a component or product of steelmaking and smithing.

Play Style

The "Forge" cards are very similar to their thematic cousins, the "Gishki", focus on Ritual Summoning and then recycling cards from the Graveyard back into the Deck to maintain advantage. The archetype has two sub-Archetypes: the "Forgecraft" Ritual Spell Cards and the "Forgeborn" Ritual Monsters. The "Forgecraft" cards are not only highly recyclable, but they also grant specific effects to the monsters they Ritual Summon. The "Forgeborn" can be Normal Summoned, unlike most Ritual Monsters, but gain effects depending on how they were Summoned. Again, similar to the Gishkis, the "Forge" and "Forgeborn" are all Levels 2, 4, 6, and 8, meaning they have a pool of Xyz Monsters that utilize the equivalent Ranks.

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