"4000 years ago, the world existed in complete harmony and tranquility. That balance was kept guarded by a group of legends who call themselves the "Septerra League". At the head of this league were seven guardians, one for each elemental faction. These seven guardians stood together to ensure the harmony within their world. Soon, they would be attacked by three forces against them who banned together in an attempt to defeat them. The "Incarnation League", lead by three lords, did so as they believed that complete harmony was something that was keeping the world from purification. The war raged on for years, and eventually only the seven guardians and the tree lords remained standing. The seven guardians used what was left of their lives to seal away the "Incarnation League". Since then, the spirits of the "Septerra Guardians" were passed down from generation to generation within the "Septerra League". Harmony was to be protected with these new guardians as the three lords attempted to escape their prison..."


Although Septerra Master - Time is the key card of this deck, the leader of the league must always be presented first. Septerra Hero - Lightning is the cover card of this deck.





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