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Fusion Force is a Booster Pack. It is the 20th one in Branch's series, following Ancient Uprising and followed by Synchronized Souls.


  • Focuses on the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series.
  • Features cards used by Jaden Yuki, Alexis Rhodes, Jim Crocodile Cook, & Vellian Crowler.
  • Includes members/support for the "Ancient Gear", "Cyber Angel", "Cyber Girl, "Elemental HERO", and "Fossil" archetypes/series.
  • Cover card: Fossil Dragon Skullgoliath


Set no. English Name Japanese Name Rarity Category
FUFO-EN001 Elemental HERO Sparkwoman Effect Monster
FUFO-EN002 "Elemental HERO" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN003 "Elemental HERO" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN004 "Ojama" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN005 LIGHT Machine Effect Monster
FUFO-EN006 Cyber Gift Angel Effect Monster
FUFO-EN007 Cyber Coach Effect Monster
FUFO-EN008 "Crystal Beast" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN009 "Destiny HERO" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN010 "Destiny HERO" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN011 "Fossil" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN012 "Fossil" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN013 "Fossil" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN014 "Cyber Dragon" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN015 "Chemical" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN016 Dinosaur Effect Monster
FUFO-EN017 Dinosaur Effect Monster
FUFO-EN018 Blair Effect Monster
FUFO-EN019 Blair Effect Monster
FUFO-EN020 Blair Effect Monster
FUFO-EN021 Blair Effect Monster
FUFO-EN022 Blair Effect Monster
FUFO-EN023 "Red-Eyes" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN024 "Red-Eyes" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN025 "Volcanic" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN026 "Volcanic" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN027 "Cloudian" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN028 Ancient Gear Wizard Effect Monster
FUFO-EN029 Ancient Gear Medic Effect Flip Monster
FUFO-EN030 "Vampire" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN031 "Venom" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN032 "Clear" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN033 "Clear" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN034 "Mokey Mokey" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN035 "roid" Effect Monster
FUFO-EN036 Elemental HERO Sky Dweller Effect Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN037 Chazz Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN038 "Cyber Girl" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN039 Fossil Dragon Skullgoliath Effect Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN040 Dinosaur Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN041 Blair Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN042 Blair Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN043 "Red-Eyes" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN044 "Volcanic" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN045 "Cloudian" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN046 "Vampire" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN047 "Venom" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN048 "Clear" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN049 "Mokey Mokey" Fusion Monster
FUFO-EN050 "Chemical" Link Monster
FUFO-EN051 "Red-Eyes" Link Monster
FUFO-EN052 "Volcanic" Link Monster
FUFO-EN053 "Elemental HERO" Spell Card
FUFO-EN054 "Elemental HERO" Spell Card
FUFO-EN055 Cyber Determination Continuous Spell Card
FUFO-EN056 "Fossil" Spell Card
FUFO-EN057 "Fossil" Spell Card
FUFO-EN058 Dinosaur Spell Card
FUFO-EN059 Blair Spell Card
FUFO-EN060 Blair Spell Card
FUFO-EN061 Blair Spell Card
FUFO-EN062 "Red-Eyes" Spell Card
FUFO-EN063 "Volcanic" Spell Card
FUFO-EN064 "Cloudian" Spell Card
FUFO-EN065 "Vampire" Spell Card
FUFO-EN066 "Venom" Spell Card
FUFO-EN067 "Clear" Spell Card
FUFO-EN068 "Arcana Force" Spell Card
FUFO-EN069 Hero Double Down! Normal Trap Card
FUFO-EN070 Chazz Trap Card
FUFO-EN071 "Destiny HERO" Trap Card
FUFO-EN072 "Fossil" Trap Card
FUFO-EN073 Dinosaur Trap Card
FUFO-EN074 Blair Trap Card
FUFO-EN075 "Volcanic" Trap Card
FUFO-EN076 "Ancient Gear" Trap Card
FUFO-EN077 "Vampire" Trap Card
FUFO-EN078 "Venom" Trap Card
FUFO-EN079 "Clear" Trap Card
FUFO-EN080 "Darkness" Trap Card