Gadget HERO, or G-HERO are a set of Level 4 (and 1 Rank 4) Warrior-Type monsters that are based off of the Super Sentai franchise. Each member is named after a basic color followed with its given role or theme. Every non-DIVINE "Gadget HERO" has an effect that can equip it with a "G-WATCH", along with an effects that can only be applied while it is equipped with one.

More importantly, the Equip Card is necessary in order to Summon the trump cards of the Archetype: "Gadget STARs"


  • Each Gadget HERO's name is actually the name of the respective "Gadget STAR" it Summons.
  • No Gadget HERO can equip itself with a "G-WATCH" directly when Summoned from the Deck.
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