Gadget STARs, or G-STAR, are a Machine-Type sub-archetype of the Gadget HEROes, based off of the giant mecha called upon by superheroes in a time of need. Each Gadget STAR can only be Special Summoned with its corresponding G-HERO equipped with a G-WATCH. Every G-STAR has an ignition or effect that can be used during the Main Phase, at least 1 Continuous effect, and 1 Quick "Star Crash" Effect that will Tribute it in exchange for a powerful effect and its respective G-HERO being Summoned from the hand or Deck.


  • Every Gadget STAR is named after a letter in the Greek Alphabet, followed by a unit number.
  • Every Gadget STAR has at least 1 effect that is an enhanced or related effect of the monster that can summon it.
  • Every member's stats mirror those of a monster from the DM series sets.
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