Name: Galen (real name)
Swirling Gusto Wind (Terminal Gang title)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Deck: Gusto
Appears in: Various ZEXAL stories written by Taylor Gorrell

Galen is a character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity. He is the members of the Terminal Gang and their resident Synchro specialist.


Galen is a boy who is shorter than his comrades (roughly Tokunosuke's height) with light brown eyes and spiky light green hair. He wears a light gray t-shirt, a dark green coat that flares in the back and appears slightly too big for him, light green pants, and yellow shoes.


Galen is a rather snarky individual who makes wise-cracks and often misleads people he doesn't like, even to a Number. He doesn't appear to get touchy with things very easily.



Galen's first appearance was in the 6-in-1 Numbershot Special, being part of the 6-on-6 challenge of Yuma's friends against the Terminal Gang. Galen was pitted against Kotori in the fourth match, but he too had a Number. His Number tried to take over from the start, but Galen managed to stall it by claiming he'd Summon it quickly. Galen was lying, however, and when he admitted it, the Number was fed up and took over. However, Kotori was able to take it from there and defeated it, the Number being retrieved by Mia.


The Terminal Gang

Galen is on good terms with the rest of the Terminal Gang. His best friend of the crew is Honto, with him being the most interaction Galen has among them. According to him and the others, Kyorei and Megami have too much sexual tension and should just get together already (which they eventually did).


Opponent Outcome
Kotori Mizuki Lose

As a member of the Terminal Gang, Galen's Deck is comprised of a Duel Terminal Archetype. Being the WIND of the team, his Deck is a Gusto Deck, using Synchro Summon tactics alongside recycling strategies. He once had a Number, but it was safely retrieved.

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