Gathering Minds

This booster pack focus more on the new Neo-Paladins and Gather Your Mind Spell cards show off new form of this useless Spell card and the new Trust Archetype cover card is the Dark Magical Sorcerer.


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Gathering Minds
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
GMS-EN000 Gather Your Mind Secret Rare Spell
GMS-EN001 Chaos Magician Secret Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN002 Dark Magical Sorcerer Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN003 Neo-Paladin Air Bird Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN004 Neo-Paladin Flaming Tiger Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN005 Neo-Paladin Ground Golem Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN006 Dark Magician Twins Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN007 Controlling Synchron Common Tuner Monster
GMS-EN008 Sheild Golem Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN009 Gathering Mice Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN010 Trust HERO Fairy Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN011 Trust HERO Angel Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN012 Trust HERO Knight Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN013 Trust HERO Golem Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN014 Gathering Knight Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN015 Trust HERO Bird Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN016 Trust HERO Beast Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN017 Trust HERO Shielder Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN018 Neo-Paladin Water Boutu Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN019 Neo-Paladin Dark Wolf Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN020 Neo-Paladin Shine Phobia Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN021 Trust Hero Panther Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN022 Crystal King Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN023 Crystal Queen Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN024 Crystal Jack Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN025 Crystal Joker Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN026 Crystal Ace Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN027 Vice Booster Common Tuner Monster
GMS-EN028 Masked HERO Winter Solider Super Rare Normal Monster
GMS-EN029 Masked HERO Breeze Rare Normal Monster
GMS-EN030 Gather Your Mind Princess Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN031 Gather Your Mind Queen Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN032 Vision HERO Storm Blaster Ultra Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN033 Vision HERO Cherish Hero Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN035 Malefic Wicked Avatar Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN036 Malefic Wicked Eraser Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN037 Malefic Wicked Dreadroot Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN038 Flare Hero Knight of Trust Ultimate Rare Transformation Monster
GMS-EN039 Masked HERO Ingram Rare Transformation Monster
GMS-EN040 Masked HERO The Wave Rare Transformation Monster
GMS-EN041 Vision Hero Precious One Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
GMS-EN42 Dark Air Neo-Paladin Secret Rare Fusion Monster
GMS-EN043 Dark Flame Neo-Paladin Super Rare Fusion Monster
GMS-EN044 Junk Swordsman Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
GMS-EN045 Flare Hero Dolphin Warrior Rare Synchro Monster
GMS-EN046 Flare Hero Warrior of the Sun Super Rare Synchro Monster
GMS-EN047 Transformation HERO Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
GMS-EN048 Magical Land Departure Super Rare Field Spell
GMS-EN061 Ojama Truth Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
GMS-EN062 Destiny Stall Ultra Rare Normal Trap
GMS-EN063 Destiny Counter Rare Normal Trap
GMS-EN064 Malefic Marie the Fallen One Common Effect Monster
GMS-EN065 Ojama Pink Super Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN066 Ojama Purple Rare Normal Monster
GMS-EN067 Ojama White Rare Normal Monster
GMS-EN068 Ojama Queen Super Rare Fusion Monster
GMS-EN069 Malefic Temporal Secret Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN070 Malefic Spatial Secret Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN071 Malefic Renegade Secret Rare Effect Monster
GMS-EN072 Dark Stardust Hero Neos Secret Rare Fusion Monster
GMS-EN073 Magical Wiseman Secret Rare Effect Monster
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