The Gehennans are an archetype focussing on Synchro Twilight. As such, their members are mostly Tuner, Dark Tuner, Synchro and Dark Synchro monsters. Also, a majority of the Synchro and Dark Synchro monsters can Special Summon another monster with an equal and opposite Level by being removed from play by the Summoned monster. Their effects mainly revolve around protecting themselves when they are Summoned and during the Battle Phase while offering high ATK and DEF.

Playing Style

As a Synchro Twilight archetype, the Gehennans rely on rapidly summoning their Synchro and Dark Synchro monsters, before using Accel Dark Synchro Summons to summon their most powerful monsters "Gehennan Orobas" and "Gehennan Eligos". If not used on their own, the low levels of their Synchro monsters (Levels 4 and 6) and high levels of their Dark Synchro monsters (Levels -4 and -6) mean they can be added to any Synchro or Dark Synchro Deck to add a destructive edge.


Like all purely DARK archetypes, the Gehennans will be completely shut down by "Consecrated Light" and are vulnerable outside the Battle Phase. In addition, the Synchro and Dark Synchro monsters are not as easily summonable as most, usually requiring very specific Synchro Material Monsters. Finally, in order to summon their most powerful monsters as quickly as possible, many of their other monsters will have been removed from play, leaving a player in a compromised situation if the summoned monsters are removed from the field.

Related Archetypes

Similar to the Gehennans are the Goetia and Skyde archetypes. The former are a group of three monsters that focus on swarming in order to summon the third, "Goetia Dantalon", a Synchro Dark Tuner. More similar to the Gehennans are the Skyde monsters. These too focus on Synchro Twilight, but to a greater degree. While the Gehennans use the tactic to summon their Dark Synchro monsters more effectively, the Skyde uses both to Paradox Synchro Summon their trump card "Skyde Dighed", a Level 1 Synchro monster.

The two low-level Goetia monsters have effects to Special Summon each other in order to bring the materials needed to Synchro Summon "Goetia Dantalon", whose effects are based on increasing its own strength and protecting itself by removing DARK monsters in its controller's Graveyard from play. Skyde monsters on the other hand are more Extra Deck and anti-Synchro focussed, with a majority of the effects that activate when the monsters battle Synchro, Dark Synchro or Fusion monsters or manipulate their opponent's Extra Deck.

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