Gery Fegan is a cameo character in the upcoming movie Link Wars Part II.

He wields the Shooting Quasar Dragon, and he can be seen dueling side by side with Obis.

Its yet to be unknown if this version of Gery is related to his alter ego in the Yugioh HNGRY VII universe.

  • YUGIOH HNGRY VII [Heritage chapter]
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The Heritage chapter is a reimagined version of original HNGRY VII series.

Gery is the inheritor of Shooting Quasar Dragon which he received from his Grandfather. In his world this Dragon is the only level 12 Synchro monster. At the start of the series Gery couldn't summon Shooting Quasar Dragon yet. Gery's only friend Kori Jonas who turns against him for fear of the Dragon. When Gery manage to summon the Dragon against Kori and he saw thats not that dangerous he will in Gery's side again.

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