Introduction and Set Specifications

This is the fourth series by Flytdais, and the successor to Forbidden Reflections.

  • English Set Name: Global Cataclysm
  • TCG Set Prefix: GLCM
  • TCG Release Date: 5 April, 2010
  • Cover card: Almighty Psytronic Overlord
  • Includes 110 cards:
    • 1 Ghost Rare
    • 6 Secret Rare
    • 10 Ultra Rare
    • 10 Ultimate Rare
    • 14 Super Rare
    • 20 Rare
    • 60 Common
  • Features:
    • Additional "Lightning Deities" and support
    • Expansion of the elemental "-geddon" cards
    • Introduces two new Archetypes: "Psytronic" and "Rogues"
    • Support for Synchro Monsters, Flip Effect monsters, Psychic monsters, and more
Forbidden Reflections
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
GLCM-EN000 Ice Magus Secret Rare Synchro Monster
GLCM-EN001 Lightness Material Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN002 Grievous Material Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN003 Benedict the Good Blesser Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN004 Rogue Hunter - Dreamfell Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN005 Rogue Hunter - Constantine Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN006 Rogue Hunter - Tempest Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN007 Rogue Hunter - Trokk Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN008 Rogue Hunter - Cutthroat Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN009 Rogue Hunter - Sasquam Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN010 Rogue Hunter - Flidais Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN011 Dark Scout Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN012 Rogue Assassin - Svart Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN013 Rogue Assassin - Blanca Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN014 Rogue Assassin - Azzurro Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN015 Rogue Assassin - Ulaan Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN016 Rogue Assassin - Ruskea Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN017 Rogue Assassin - Groen Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN018 Almighty Psytronic Overlord Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare Synchro Monster
GLCM-EN019 Psytronic Prestidigitator Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN020 Three-Eyed Psytronic Moth Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN021 Psytronic Turtle Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN022 Psytronic Child Prodigy Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN023 Psytronic Psychofant Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN024 Psytronic Seraph Shemyaza Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN025 Psytronic Judge Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN026 Psytronic Footsoldier Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN027 Psytronic Mind Invader Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN028 Nitrogeddon Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN029 Chlorogeddon Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN030 Fluorogeddon Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN031 Carbosaurum Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN032 Sodasaurum Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN033 Sulphogeddon Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN034 Ferrosaurum Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN035 Monoxydra Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN036 Cardoxydra Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN037 Peroxydra Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN038 Suldoxydra Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN039 Nitroxydra Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN040 Lightning Deity - Zayeus Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN041 Lightning Deity - Parjanya Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN042 Lightning Deity - Chaac Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN043 Lightning Deity - Brontus Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN044 Lightning Deity - Freig Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN045 Lightning Deity - Vajra Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN046 Xenophyll Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN047 Invincibus Rare Normal Monster
GLCM-EN048 Undead Guardian Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN049 Avatar of Destruction Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN050 Thoughtmorph Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN051 Flip Mimic Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN052 Reelwind Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN053 Ice-Force Commander Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN054 Awakened Idol of the Earth Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN055 Awakened Idol of the Sky Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN056 Awakened Idol of the Sun Common Field Spell
GLCM-EN057 Awakened Idol of the Depths Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN058 Scarlet Doll Common Effect Monster
GLCM-EN059 Halite Dragon Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN060 Acid Dragon Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN061 Ozone Dragon Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN062 Infernal Chorus Common Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN063 Deep-Sea Exploration Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN064 Gate of the Elite Rare Continuous Spell
GLCM-EN065 Soul Covenant Common Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN066 Lightning Recharge Rare Normal Spell
GLCM-EN067 Blitz Surge Common Continuous Spell
GLCM-EN068 Vengeful Strike of Lightning Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN069 Ancient Ball Battery Common Normal Spell
GLCM-EN070 Trembling Thunderblast Rare Normal Trap
GLCM-EN071 Alt. & Dir. Common Quick-Play Spell
GLCM-EN072 Budget Balancing Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN073 Sacred Sabbath Rare Normal Spell
GLCM-EN074 Shift in Consciousness Common Continuous Spell
GLCM-EN075 Double Pain Common Counter Trap
GLCM-EN076 Reckless Charge Common Quick-Play Spell
GLCM-EN077 Elemental Bonding Rare Normal Spell
GLCM-EN078 Little Big Bang Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
GLCM-EN079 Chemist's Index Common Normal Spell
GLCM-EN080 Transmogrifying Transmutation Common Normal Spell
GLCM-EN081 Chemical Shield Rare Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN082 Chemical Armor Common Continuous Spell
GLCM-EN083 Bonding Plant Super Rare Field Spell
GLCM-EN084 Backup Plan Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN085 Assassin's Oath-Dagger Common Equip Spell
GLCM-EN086 Take Over For Me Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN087 Specialize Common Normal Spell
GLCM-EN088 Team Rogue Strike! Common Normal Trap
GLCM-EN089 Chain of Loyal Command Common Equip Spell
GLCM-EN090 Lost to the Void Common Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN091 Home Synchro Kit Rare Normal Spell
GLCM-EN092 Psytronic Deployment Common Normal Spell
GLCM-EN093 Control Freak Rare Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN094 Mind Spikes Common Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN095 Kinetic-Karmatic Matrix Super Rare Field Spell
GLCM-EN096 Formula 52 Common Equip Spell
GLCM-EN097 Lifesaver Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Counter Trap
GLCM-EN098 Vampire Malaise Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN099 Rust Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN100 Tribe-Infecting Parasite Super Rare Normal Trap
GLCM-EN101 Pot of Wrath Super Rare Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN102 Fire Empress Super Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN103 Tournesol Secret Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN104 Book of Lazarus Secret Rare Equip Spell
GLCM-EN105 Meister of Portend Super Rare Synchro Monster
GLCM-EN106 Exponential Cyberithm Secret Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN107 Dark Gift Super Rare Continuous Trap
GLCM-EN108 Preying Mantis Secret Rare Effect Monster
GLCM-EN109 Chimeric Warrior Blackshards Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Effect Monster