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Gordy Fierman
Appear in
Fanfic Numbershot 41: Some Like It Hot
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Dishwasher, Number Hunter
Dueling Details
Deck Duelist's Smorgasbord
Primary Number Card Number 41.5: MegaMelt Grilled Cheese Man

Gordy Fierman is a minor character in Rocket Knight 777's ZeXal fanfiction universe.


Gordy is around the same age as Yuma, those is just slightly taller than him. He is slightly overweight, and yet can keep up pretty well in a foot race with his friends. When he's not wearing the typical uniform or a first year student at Heartland Academy, Gordy typically wears a white T-shirt, blacks pants and an apron (which he normally wears around the restaurant). One of the easiest ways to find Gordy, is to look for his blonde, spiked hair which is colored brown at the tips.


The son of an American restauranteur, Gordy and his father came to Heartland City to open a new restaurant, and so that he dad can learn about Japanese culture and cuisine for future items in his next restaurant venture back in America, while at the same time introduce some classic (and sometimes bizarre) American dishes to the people of Heartland. Gordy helps out in his dad's restaurant as a busboy and dishwasher, but he wishes to help his dad make the food. Sadly, Gordy is not as good with food prep as his dad is, claiming that he can "foul-up a grilled-cheese sandwich in about half a minute." It is this desire to help and impress his father that formed his Number card.



Opponent Outcome
Yuma Tsukumo TBA

Gordy runs a Food-Themed Deck that combines the cards one would find in a Food-Themed Billy Deck with card used by Satyr as well as other Monsters, Spells, and Traps with a Food-theme to them. His Deck is full of Normal Monsters, allowing him to use Heart of the Underdog to maintain hand control.