Graviton is an Archetype of LIGHT monsters introduced in Dark Core of the Graviton Galaxy. It is used by Zero Tsukimori in Yu-Gi-Oh! NOVA. This Archetype appears to be focused on swarming the field with monsters that can modify their Levels to Summon their ace monsters, Number 98: Galaxy-Eyes Graviton Dragon and Graviton Core. This deck supported by the "Gravity" Archetype.

Play Style

This deck is focused on the Summoning of Xyz Monsters through swarm and Level modding tactics. In the meantime the Archetype will lockdown the opponent from using the effecs of weak monsters, while its sister Archetype, "Gravity", will lockdown strong monsters as well as Spell and Trap cards. Some members of this Archetype will prevent the opponent from Xyz Summoning, likewise Gravity Bind works well in this deck.

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