The Guardian Force cards are a series of Synchro Monsters use by The Guardians in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Force of the Guardians fanfiction series. Each card represents the original soul of their owner, because the current Guardians are the reincarnations of those Guardians. There is a total of 23 Force Monsters, one for each of the elements of the world and life that each Guardian represented. Each Force has the Kanji for their element somewhere on them.

Name Element Guardian
The Angel Josiah – The Force of Light Light 光
Shadow Puppeteer – The Force of Shadows Shadows 影 Xander Mundy
Sun 日
Moon 月
Star-Crossed Captain - The Force of the Stars Star 星
Fire 火
Wind 風
Water 水
Mountain Samurai - The Force of Earth Earth 地 Shane Dillon
Lightning 雷
Ironclad Fighter – The Force of Metal Metal 鋼 Marcus Pierce
Swamp 沼
Sound 音
Iceberg Breaker - The Force of Ice Ice 氷 Donna MacInvogue
Squadron Ace - The Force of the Sky Sky 空
Crystal 晶
Plasma (Energy) 力
Forest 森
Flower 花
Magic 術
Dragon Warrior – The Force of Body Body 体
The Ancient One – The Force of Mind Mind 脳 Edward Uri
Spiritual Shaman – The Force of Spirit Spirit 魂 Trevor Pulletsar
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