"Horakhty and its 3 god forms, the Orichalcos, Zorc... the Supreme King, Yubel, Darkness... the Earthbound Gods, Machine Emperors, Temporal Machine Gods... Number 53 & 92, C1000 and Ci1000... Even Zarc. They all have something in common, Yufa."
"What's that, Granny?"
"They're some of the strongest beings our world has ever known"
"So none of them managed to become HYPERFORCE monsters. That's why the very concept of one is so terrifying" ~ Granny, explaining the legend of HYPERFORCE monsters to Yufa.

What are HYPERFORCE monsters?

HYPERFORCE monsters are a new kind of monster, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE!, by StarlightSG. They do not have a strength classification. Although a HYPERFORCE monster is yet to debut, if at all, they have been referenced to or noted multiple times. What is known about them is they are said to possess incalculable strength, even going beyond nigh-omnipotent beings such as Horakhty, Creator God of Light. According to HYPERFORCE lore, only the omniverse's penultimate & beyond beings can hope to achieve HYPERFORCE status, and even then, the likelihood of gaining such divine power was considered almost impossible, even to the omniscient and omnipresent.

Characters are known for holding HYPERFORCE monsters, and the HYPERFORCE monster they hold:

Character HYPERFORCEMonster
Hyuga Asahi Superking Sun Titan Hyperion

How to Summon a HYPERFORCE Monster

The method of summoning HYPERFORCE monsters has never been revealed. However, it is theorized that they have no strict summoning method, other than it has to be done by a specific card's effect.

Perks of HYPERFORCE Monsters

The benefit of HYPERFORCE monsters (so far) is they are all naturally unaffected by your opponent’s card effects, cannot be used as material or tributed, and if they have enough ATK can destroy monsters in battle, and affect monsters with their effects, ignoring any effects that would prevent monsters from being affected/destroyed by HYPERFORCE monsters, unless that card is another HYPERFORCE monster higher in the hierarchy than that HYPERFORCE monster. Also, their effects can only be negated or ignored by other HYPERFORCE monsters with an equal or higher level of hierarchy.

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