"Horakhty and its 3 god forms, the Orichalcos, Zorc... the Supreme King, Yubel, Darkness... the Earthbound Gods, Machine Emperors, Temporal Machine Gods... Number 53 & 92, C1000 and Ci1000... Even Zarc. They all have something in common, Yufa."
"What's that, Granny?"
"They're some of the strongest beings our world has ever known"
"So none of them managed to become HYPERFORCE monsters. That's why the very concept of one is so terrifying" ~ Granny, explaining the legend of HYPERFORCE monsters to Yufa.

What are HYPERFORCE monsters?

HYPERFORCE monsters are a new kind of monster, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE!, by StarlightSG. They do not have a strength classification. Although a HYPERFORCE monster is yet to debut, if at all, they have been referenced to or noted multiple times. What is known about them is they are said to possess incalculable strength, even going beyond nigh-omnipotent beings such as Horakhty, Creator God of Light. According to HYPERFORCE lore, only the universe & multiverse's strongest beings can hope to achieve HYPERFORCE status, and even then, the likelihood of gaining such divine power was considered almost impossible, even to the omniscient and omnipresent.

There are two types of HYPERFORCE monsters: Universal and Multiversal. The type of HYPERFORCE monster it is must be clarified in the first line of text on the HYPERFORCE monster (ex. This card is always treated as a Universal HYPERFORCE monster.) OR (This card is always treated as a Multiversal HYPERFORCE monster.). This creates a kind of hierarchy within HYPERFORCE monsters, and Universal HYPERFORCE monsters are lower on the hierarchy than multiversal ones (see the Perks section to see why this makes a difference).

Characters are known for holding HYPERFORCE monsters, and the HYPERFORCE monster they hold:

Character HYPERFORCEMonster
Hyuga Asahi Superking Sun Titan Hyperion

As with any of the custom mechanics created by StarlightSG, anybody who wishes to make a HYPERFORCE monster can do so.

How to Summon a HYPERFORCE Monster

The method of summoning HYPERFORCE monsters has never been revealed. However, it is theorized that they have no strict summoning method, other than it has to be done by a specific card's effect.

Perks of HYPERFORCE Monsters

The known benefits of HYPERFORCE monsters is that they all have a natural immunity to any card effect besides their own, and that their immunity can only be ignored by other HYPERFORCE monsters (however a universal HYPERFORCE monster cannot ignore a multiversal HYPERFORCE monster's effects, while a multiversal HYPERFORCE monster can ignore any effects). Equally, HYPERFORCE monsters cannot be tributed or used as material for another monster (although this rule also applies to the controller of the HYPERFORCE monster), unless the specific HYPERFORCE monster allows itself to be tributed or be used as material. They also protect their controller from any battle damage they would take from battles involving them. They can, however, still be destroyed normally in battle by any other monster. Lastly, they are able to ignore any effect that would prevent a card(s) from being removed from the field by their own effects or attacks. These advantages are not necessarily written in a HYPERFORCE monster's card text, but they will still apply to HYPERFORCE monsters.

In HYPERFORCE's fanonverse

In HYPERFORCE!, a HYPERFORCE monster was planned to be the ace card of the primary antagonist of the fanfiction, being the only one that would appear in the fanonverse (There were no HYPERFORCE monsters planned to appear at all in Prelude!) They were created as a method of simplifying what a 'godlike card of immeasurable strength' would do, without having to waste 6+ lines of the card's text explaining that it had immunity to card effects, tributing, etc., and would allow me (StarlightSG) to focus more on the unique effects this ace monster would have (Essentially this would have allowed me to make really strong ace cards for the antagonists without writing a novella for card text lol).

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