"Hand" (ハンド Hando) is an archetype of mostly Level 4 monsters used by Girag in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, as well as several OC Duelists.

It is been shown that some "Hand" Monsters like "Fire Hand" and "Ice Hand" attach themselves to their controller, causing them extreme pain. Many of these cards' effects activate when they destroyed by battle. The Xyz Monsters of the archetype are typically low in ATK and DEF, and often use 2 Xyz Materials just to use their effects once, but their effects can be very potent and give huge advantages to the user.

The Hands have a total of 20 Xyz Monsters (3 of which are Xyz Evolutions of the same monster), 2 Synchro Monsters, 1 Hybrid Monster and 1 Spectrum Monster, all of which being Rank 4, Wavelength 4 or Level 8 (except one of the aforementioned Xyz Evolutions, which is Rank 5), enabling great versatility and a very wide range of effects. Combined with new cards that allow rapid Special Summoning, grant fresh Xyz Materials, or even using 1 Material to Xyz Summon, Hand monsters can Summon their more powerful monsters rather quickly, offsetting their comparably low power.


Being based on human hands, Hand monsters typically come in pairs that are related to each other in some way, one Hand being a left hand and the other being a right hand.  The only five monsters that do not follow this pattern are "Bone Hands" (which is two hands as one monster), "Monster Hand" and "Eldritch Hand" (which are depicted with two thumbs, making side determination impossible), "Number C106: Giant Green Hand" (whose thumb is attached to the direct center of the bottom of the hand, also making determination impossible), and "Raccoon Hand" (whose designed after a tanuki's paw, and thus lacks a thumb).


Left Hand Right Hand
Ice Hand Fire Hand
Magic Hand Trap Hand
Prominence Hand Glacier Hand
Wind Hand Thunder Hand
Aqua Hand Poison Hand
Worm Hand Flower Hand
Fighter Hand Mecha Hand
Blade Hand Shield Hand
Laser Hand Stone Hand
Divine Hand Dark Hand
Beta Hand Wild Hand
White Hand Black Hand
Gardna Hand Assault Hand
Mimic Hand Morph Hand
Material Hand Spiritual Hand

Extra Deck Members

Left Hand Right Hand
Arctic Hand (Freezing Icy Palm) Volcano Hand (Burning Magma Palm)
Twister Hand (Blustering Storm Palm) Number 106: Giant Hand (Huge Rock Palm)
Tsunami Hand (Surging Water Palm) Electro Hand (Shocking Thunder Palm)
Shadow Hand (Deep Void Palm) Graveyard Hand (Bony Skeletal Palm)
Spider Hand (Sticky Web Palm) Needle Hand (Thorny Vine Palm)
Magical Hand (Shining Deity Palm) King Hand (Ghoulish Fiend Palm)
Warrior Hand (Fierce Fighter Palm) Crusher Hand (Strong Steel Palm)
Quasar Hand (Cybernetic Scanner Palm) Beast Hand (Savage Claw Palm)
Number C106: Giant Red Hand (Lava Palm) Number C106: Giant White Hand (Diamond Palm)
Colossal Hand (Boulder Palm) Time Hand (Fourth-Dimension Palm)
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