By creating a tournament, the greatest Arcana Heart stars came to the Yu-gi-oh world in this pack. (Arcana Heart is a popular arcade fighting game). This pack also brings some of the fiercest spells that Kozaky came up with, such as Computer Search and Kozaky's Experiment.

Heart of Arcana
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
HoA-001 Avatar of Hope Secret Rare Effect Monster
HoA-002 Arcana Heart - Aino Common Normal Monster
HoA-003 Arcana Heart - Saki Common Normal Monster
HoA-004 Arcana Heart - Lilica Common Normal Monster
HoA-005 Eberr Warrior Common Effect Monster
HoA-006 Wild Gambler Rare Effect Monster
HoA-007 Prehistodactyl Super Rare Effect Monster
HoA-008 Arcana Heart - Yoriko Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HoA-009 Arcana Heart - Kira Super Rare Effect Monster
HoA-010 Arcana Heart - Lieselotte Super Rare Effect Monster
HoA-011 Arcana Heart - Mei-Fang Common Effect Monster
HoA-012 Arcana Heart - Maori Super Rare Effect Monster
HoA-013 Arcana Heart - Konoha Rare Effect Monster
HoA-014 Arcana Heart - Kamui Rare Effect Monster
HoA-015 Arcana Heart - Fiona Common Effect Monster
HoA-016 Arcana Heart - Mildred Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HoA-017 Wind's Blessing Super Rare Normal Spell
HoA-018 Eberr Field of Peace Common Field Spell
HoA-019 Heightened Awareness Ultra Rare Continuous Spell
HoA-020 Computer Search Ultra Rare Normal Spell
HoA-021 Eberr Healing Rare Continuous Spell
HoA-022 Archfiend's Servant Rare Normal Spell
HoA-023 Kozaky's Fiendish Trap Ultra Rare Normal Spell
HoA-024 Power Greed Ultra Rare Normal Spell
HoA-025 Kozaky's Experiment Common Normal Spell
HoA-026 Diamond Dude's Stare Common Normal Spell
HoA-027 Maiden's Wish Rare Normal Spell
HoA-028 Heart Combo - Gier Common Normal Spell
HoA-029 Heart Combo - Lang Gong Rare Normal Spell
HoA-030 Heart Combo - Anutpuda Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
HoA-031 Heart Combo - Dieu Mort Rare Equip Spell
HoA-032 Heart Combo - Tempestras Rare Quick-Play Spell
HoA-033 Heart Combo - Orochalekos Super Rare Normal Spell
HoA-034 Heart Guard - Moriomoto Common Normal Trap
HoA-035 Heart Guard - Partineas Ultra Rare Normal Trap
HoA-036 Heart Guard - Nipta Rare Normal Trap
HoA-037 Heart Guard - Otsuchi Common Continuous Trap
HoA-038 Heart Guard - Bhanti Common Continuous Trap
HoA-039 Kozaky's Vile Deeds Common Normal Trap
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