Name: Hector Armada
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: Dec 10th
Family: Unknown Mother and Father
Likes: Maria, Victor, Friends, Dueling, Competition.
Dislikes: Those who are willing to harm, Cheating
Appears In:  ???

"Haha, Now that was a great Duel!" [moves] "Ow!" "Even if the damage was real for some reason." - Hector, post-duel and hurt from the damage.

Hector is a character in Yugioh Psudo and a known friend to both Maria and Victor. He's a passionate Duelist and aids with the Numbers Hunt around Neo Domino City.


His two-toned brown hair is short and brushed back and has brown eyes. He has a large build from competing in competitive sports during his tenure in Neo Domino High. He usually wears shirts with warm colors and black pants outside of school, including a brown bomber's jacket if weather permits. He uses a light brown variant of D-pad during his duels and a light brown D-Gazer.


Hector is described as approachable and friendly by multiple people in the school, a comment not unfounded. He likes to talk to people and is a sociable person overall. He is a self-proclaimed "man of action" and virtually joined every sport team, but was made to drop them at two instances. Currently he isn't a part of any sport team due to lack of school work. He is known to do badly at school, sleeping in classes and preferring to duel when he should be studying, something Maria is trying to correct.

He is well-known to be passionate at dueling, even to the point that Vic describes "as being like a Shonen Protagonist, yelling and hollering." He has a tendency to go full-blown at duelists, quickly swarming his field with powerful monsters before their opponents had a chance to build up any defense. It's for this reason why most people tell first-timers not to play against him despite his friendly nature, as he has a tendency to disregard the skill level of his opponents. It is this strong passion that allows him to Destiny Draw, as he is able to reach his peck of Duel Energy faster than most duelists.




Out of the Trio, he is able to activate Destiny Draw more frequently than the other two, due to his high passion and easily excitable nature. This is a double-edged sword, as he begins to jump the gun and as a tendency to forget his opponent's cards during this stage. His Bio-band is modified to reduce the Duel Energy he produces as a result.

It was first believed that he was immune to the Numbers' influence, as Number 14 is unable to control him originally, but as revealed this was due to ignorance, and in fact is the one most easily influenced without his Bio-band.


He uses a Heroics Deck, using monsters based on legendary warriors and weapons to overwhelm the opponent. He uses ATK-modifying cards along with several cards with prevent cards activating during the Battle Phase. His Number is "Number 14: Blood Knight Zerk".

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