The Helix Duel School (ヘリックスデュエルスクール Herikkusu Dyueru Sukūru) is a mysterious Duel School in Miami City introduced in Taylor Gorrell's fanfiction, Fury of the Dragon. Formed only a few days prior to the time of the fanfic, they have not gone through the registration process like normal Duel Schools and appear to be operating underground, thus there is no data on them in any database. Their building resembles a deserted and closed-down school building, though the interior is rather decent on upkeep.

Not much is known about Helix Duel School, though they appear to greatly despise LDS and appear to be planning something big. Helix Duel School is currently the only school, as well as the only organization at all, to possess the mysterious Hybrid Monsters, referred to as a trump card of theirs.

Known Faculty

Known Students

Unknown Affiliation

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