The Hemovores are one of Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169's six collaboration Duel Terminal Archetypes. It is a series of DARK monsters chiefly made up of Zombie and Insect-Types as opposed to the previously Fiend-dominated Archetypes. They battle against the Aurora tribe for control of day and night, wanting to plunge the world in eternal night. They are all half-bat in design and are based on the "gangly, monstrous feeder" portrayal of vampires, contrasting the "attractive, intelligent humanoid" portrayal used by the actual "Vampire" Archetype.

Play Style

The Hemovores focus on a combination of increasing your Life Points while decreasing your opponent's, as well as weakening the opponent while increasing their own ATK. They have a small group of Insect-Type Union Monsters that equip themselves to the opponent's monster instead. At the cost of giving an a bit of protection, they give the poor unfortunate monster negative effects. Their Zombie-Type members manipulate Life Points a bit more freely, though their effects are worded in such a way that they merely increase and decrease Life Points, as opposed to inflicting actual Effect Damage or making a player pay Life Points. This makes any anti-Burn strategy a moot point, as they decrease Life Points due to an effect, but do not inflict damage.


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