"Holon" is a archetype used by monsters.

Types of Cards

There is a large variety of "Holon" cards, and they include monsters, spells and traps.


The Holon monsters all have "Holon" in its name, hence the fact that "Holon is the archetype.


This is an example of a "Holon" monster.


The Holon spell cards support Holon monsters or can only be used if there is a Holon monster on the field.


This is an example of a "Holon" spell card.


The Holon trap cards support Holon monsters or can only be used if there is a Holon monster on the field.

011 Sibling Rivalry

This is an example of a "Holon" trap card.

King Holon

"King Holon" is an archetype belonging to only some monsters. "King Holon" monsters are also "Holon" monsters. The "King Holon" monsters are extremely powerful effect monsters. There can only be one "King Holon" monster on the field at a time. Most of them have a different type, but might repeat attributes. They can all be special summoned by having "Holon" monsters in the graveyard and by having another one on the field and switching them.


This is an example of a "King Holon" monster card.


"Zwak" versions of King Holon cards are weaker versions. They are found in non-Holon packs. "Zwak" means "weak."

KingHolon ZwakDragonFormeUP

This is an example of a "Zwak" "King Holon" card.

List of Booster Packs with Holon Cards

Holon Packs

The Rise of Holon

(36 Holon cards)

Dragons of Holon

(18 Holon cards)

Wrath of Holon

(?? Holon cards)

Other Packs

Shadow Dragons

(2 Holon cards)

Astral Dragons Special Edition

(1 Holon card)

Card List

Here is a list of Holon cards from both Holon Packs and Other Packs.

Holon Packs Card List


This list contains all of the Holon cards from Holon Packs, such as The Rise of Holon and Wrath of Holon.

Holon Packs Card List
Set Number Card Name Category
HOLON001 Holon - Dragon Rider Fluturim Fusion Monster Card
HOLON002 Holon - Fluturim Monster Card
HOLON003 Holon - Prapaskene Monster Card
HOLON004 Holon - Ashisutanto Monster Card
HOLON005 Holon - Dragon's Assisant Monster Card
HOLON006 Holon's Gift to the Dragon Spell Card
HOLON007 Combat of Holon Spell Card
HOLON008 Holon - Twin Dragons Fusion Monster Card
HOLON009 Holon - Dragua A Monster Card
HOLON010 Holon - Dragua B Monster Card
HOLON011 Sibling Rivalry Trap Card
HOLON012 Astral Territory Spell Card
HOLON013 Astral Territory Elite Spell Card
HOLON014 A Dragon's Hope Spell Card
HOLON015 Flight of the Dragons Spell Card
HOLON016 Holon's Gift of the Second Chance Spell Card
HOLON017 Holon - Skeleton Dragon Spell Card
HOLON018 Dragon Reincarnation Trap Card
HOLON019 Holon - Kori Monster Card
HOLON020 Holon - Honoo Monster Card
HOLON021 Holon - Mizu No Honoo Fusion Monster Card
HOLON022 Holon - Akuma Monster Card
HOLON023 Rage of Akuma Spell Card
HOLON024 Akuma's Revenge On Humanity Spell Card
HOLON025 Holon - Akuma the Destroyer Monster Card
HOLON026 Holon - Young Akuma Monster Card
HOLON027 Holon - Akuma of the Dead Monster Card
HOLON028 Holon - Amuka Monster Card
HOLON029 Holon - Young Amuka Monster Card
HOLON030 Holon - Amuka of the Later Years Monster Card
HOLON031 Holon - The Abandoned Servent of Amuka Monster Card
HOLON032 Holon - Amuka of the Heavens Monster Card
HOLON033 Holon - Raito Monster Card
HOLON034 Soar Spell Card
HOLON035 To Have a Rider Spell Card
HOLON036 Holon - Dragon Rider Ritual Monster Card
DRAGO001 King Holon - Dragon Forme Monster Card
DRAGO002 Holon - Rojo Monster Card
DRAGO003 Holon - Azul Monster Card
DRAGO004 Holon - Amarillo Monster Card
DRAGO005 Holon - Servent of the Prime Dragon Monster Card
DRAGO006 Holon - Prime Dragon Monster Card
DRAGO007 Anger Issues of the Dragon Spell Card
DRAGO008 Astral Deletion Spell Card
DRAGO009 Teleportation Technique Spell Card
DRAGO010 A Dragon's Nightmare Spell Card
DRAGO011 Holon - Okane the Richest Dragon Monster Card
DRAGO012 Holon - Yoku the Greedy Dragon Monster Card
DRAGO013 Holon - Waru the Demonic Angel Fusion Monster Card
DRAGO014 Holon - Sin the Demonic Beast Monster Card
DRAGO015 Holon - Waru the Angel Monster Card
DRAGO016 Astral Seekers Spell Card
DRAGO017 Dragon Castle Spell Card
DRAGO018 Holon - Pyro the Fire Dragon Monster Card

Other Packs Card List


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