The Horrid Villain Archetype is mainly a group of Light Attribute Monsters.


The Horrid Villain monsters are vigilante-themes characters that would often fight against real Villainous and mischief-makers across where they originated from, only for twenty-four of them to have a rivalry with each other. They all have also heard word that someone is ordering a gathering to bring them together, although could only bring the twenty-four to fight and many more to cheer them on.



Spell Cards

Extra Deck



  • The Horrid Villain Archetype is a based off of the many HERO Archetypes.
  • The Horrid Villain Archetype is also based off of the Video Game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • Despite being called the Horrid Villains, most of the monsters are rather heroic in nature.
  • The Horrid Villains have some sub archetypes, being:
    • Horrid Villain Space
    • Horrid Villain Fated
    • Horrid Villain Evil
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