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Hyper Fang Link Dragon
Attribute DARK DARK.png
Type(s) [ Dragon/Link/Effect ]
ATK / LINK 2500 / 3
Link Arrows

Arrow-8B.png Arrow-1A.png Arrow-2B.png

Arrow-7B.png Arrow-3B.png

Arrow-6A.png Arrow-5B.png Arrow-4A.png

2+ Level 4 or higher monsters
When your opponent's Level 5 or Rank 5 monster in their possession activates its effect, you may Tribute 1 of your monsters in this card's Linked Zone; negate the effect and if you do, reduce that monster's ATK to 0 if it is on the field. Then increase this card's ATK by the ATK of that monster until the End Phase. You can only use the effect of "Hyper Fang Link Dragon" once per turn.