Ice Myrtenasher, The White Huntress Dragon
Attribute WATER WATER.png
Type(s) [ Dragon/Gradient/Effect ]
Affinity 6 Affinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.pngAffinity.png
ATK / DEF 2400 / 2000
Monster Lore
1 level 3 'Myrtenasher' Synthetic Monster x 2 or more Spellcaster Type Monsters
Once per Turn, when this card battles a monster with 2000 or more ATK, distach one material from this card and if you do, target one equip spell card and add that target to your hand. When this effect resolves, equip that target to one 'Huntress Dragon' monster on your field. Once per Turn, target one monster in your opponent's graveyard, special summon it but lose half ATK/DEF and can't activate it's effects. During your end phase, destroy the summoned target. When the summoned target leaves the field, it is banished.
Summon chant *Episode 2:

I syntheses my level 3 Myrtenasher Dust Queen with my Gambol Shroud Sorceress and Ember Celica Magician! Ancient Prideful Dragon, Come and vanquish thy foes! Gradient Summon! Affinity 6! Ice Myrtenasher, The White Huntress Dragon!

Attack name(s) Ice Dust's Glyph Lancing Inferno
Effect name(s) ● Frozen Glyph Exchange
● Summoning Glyphs
Description A 8 foot tall bipedal feminine looking dragon with cyan and white scales. It has four wings similar to a butterfly. It has light blue eyes and is notably elegant in battle.
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Ice Myrtenasher, The White Huntress Dragon +