Iceveryst is an archetype of female WATER Beast-Warrior type and Winged Beast-type monsters created by LGhostRiderl and debuted in Underrated Energy.


All "Iceveryst" monsters are based on goddesses from Norse Mytlology:

"Iceveryst" monster Norse Goddess
Iceveryst Gefjon Gefjon
Iceveryst Geror Geror
Iceveryst Nanna Nanna
Iceveryst Sif Sif
Iceveryst Sigyn Sigyn
Iceveryst Skadi Skadi
Freyja, the Iceveryst Princess Freyja
Frigg, the Iceveryst Goddess Frigg

Playing Style

A "Iceveryst" Deck focus on Fusion Summon "Freyja" and "Frigg" to use their effects and control the field, negating your opponent card effects, while sending thenselves to the GY and placed in the Spell & Trap Zone as an effect-less Continuous Spell Cards or Continuous Trap Cards. Also, all Main Deck monsters have effects when are destroyed and sent to the GY while in your Spell&Trap Zone, so some monsters have effects that involve destroy face-up Spell/Trap Cards.

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