Infinitra is a fictional character, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! HYPERFORCE! and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Perfect Dynasty! They have never made a full appearance in the storyline, although their existence has been referred to many times, and has been seen in drawings and prophecies. In Starlight's continuity, they are the overall God of the multiverse.


Infinitra is effectively Omnifarious, and so has no actual form they are forced to remain in. However, it is known that they have appeared as the sun god Ra, and other Gods from mythology. Their unique form is that of a humanoid figure, whose size varies depending on what they want to be, wearing indistinguishable blue armour, with white light emitting from it, and a blue hood pulled up with the same light cloaking their face.


Infinitra has been known to show an uncaring personality. They don't seem to care about what actually happens to their multiverse, as they know that if it dies it will revert back to its first state; their first creation, but cannot undo it instantly as the sheer impact of its destruction would also destroy said creation. They essentially created loads of other Gods to monitor and uphold the multiverse until its inevitable death.


Omnipotence - As the multiversal God, they can do anything that can and cannot be thought of, including creating multiversal laws and manipulating reality without limit.

Omniscience - They are said to possess infinite knowledge. This includes knowledge of things that happened in universes prior to the current one, and things in the future, in universes yet to happen, as well as mind reading and an eidetic memory.

Omnipresence - Infinitra can exist in all places at all times, as well as hear and see everything going on at that time, regardless of distance or any barrier that would otherwise prevent them from doing so.

Omnifarousness - Infinitra is able to take any form they desire, as previously stated, for example, the Sun God Ra or Zeus.

Invulnerability - Infinitra is completely immune to any forms of damage, including attacks coming from multiversal threats such as God's Wrath.

Immortality - Infinitra is unable to die, as evidenced by not showing any signs of deterioration since the first universe well over trillions of years in the past.

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