Insect monsters are a versatile, and somewhat well-supported Type of Monster that go hand-in-hand with Plant-type monsters. The common attributes associated with them is EARTH and WIND.

An early strategy with insect-types was with the card "Parasite Paracide", which would summon on the opponents field, and change the types of the opponents monsters to insect as well. And, it would go from there. But recently, Insect type monsters have increased in playability, and are more common to see in a deck than they would have been earlier.

Noticable Insect Type monsters include "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth", "Anteatereatingant", "Chainsaw Insect", "Grasschopper", "Jirai Gumo", "Magical Merchant", and "Needle Worm".

Support Cards
* Forest

Support Cards Exclusive From This Wikia
* Eradicating Aerosol

Some Support Cards Exclusive to this Wikia
* Il Bug
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