Iridesk (イリデスク Iridesuku) is an Archetype of 11 special LIGHT monsters, one member capable of being Summoned by each of the 11 different Summons (excluding basic Normal Summon, Flip Summon, and basic Special Summon), that appears in Taylor Gorrell's fanfiction universe. They are one of the signature Archetypes used by Yushi Yurozuya, the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-7. They are depicted as color-aligned teenage humans whose designs combine elements of royalty with elements of the tokusatsu hero genre. As Yushi considers all of them as his "ace monsters", all of them have 2500 ATK, except "Iridesk Ruler Kiron", who has 2600 ATK. With the exception of "Nijiyama", all Iridesks are female.

"Iridesk Hero Nijiyama" is the only one of these cards that exists at first, but when Yushi decides to master all forms of Summoning, including Dark Synchro Summoning, Chiharu Nanairo creates the 10 Iridesk Rulers alongside the remaining alternate-hued Prism Beasts, in order to help Yushi achieve his goal.

Color Theme

Each Iridesk is associated with a different color, which matches the color of their card frame (mostly, in one case) and what Summon they are intended/required to be Summoned by (again, mostly, this time in two cases).

Iridesk Color Summon
Iridesk Ruler Piras Red Composition Summon
Iridesk Ruler Jeruka Orange Pendulum Summon
(double reference: Effect Monsters)
Iridesk Ruler Kiron Yellow Tribute Summon
(double reference: Normal Monsters)
Iridesk Ruler Luse Green Hybrid Summon
Iridesk Ruler Sini Blue (Cyan) Timewarp Summon
Iridesk Ruler Nambic Indigo (Blue) Ritual Summon
Iridesk Ruler Lylat Violet (Purple) Fusion Summon
Iridesk Ruler Lefko White Synchro Summon
Iridesk Ruler Siva Gray Dark Synchro Summon
Iridesk Ruler Madow Black Xyz Summon
Iridesk Hero Nijiyama Rainbow Spectrum Summon

Play Style

The effects of the Iridesks that actually have effects ("Kiron" is a Normal Monster) are quite varied, and according to Taylor Gorrell, the Iridesks are designed to cover almost any situation, so that any one of them could be Yushi's ace depending on the situation. Their main selling point is their ability to let a Deck using them be capable of performing any Summon.

All of them (excluding Kiron and Nijiyama) have their Summon conditions restricted to needing either generic LIGHT monsters or "Prism Beast" monsters, Yushi's other signature Archetype. As such, to get the most mileage out of Iridesks other than Kiron or Nijiyama, it is recommended/required to play the two Archetypes in tandem with one another.


  • The Iridesks are based on Taylor Gorrell's eventual original fanfiction, Hero of the Rainbow. The name "Iridesk" comes from the Iridesk System, the solar system that the fic takes place in, and the names of the 10 Iridesk Rulers are the names of the 10 planets in that system (names being respective to their colors). For the monsters themselves, "Iridesk Hero Nijiyama" is based on the main protagonist, Nijiya (who himself derived from Taylor's ZEXAL character of the same name), while the Iridesk Rulers are based on the 10 princesses of the Iridesk System.
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