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Iron Claw
Japan-flag.png Romaji Tetsu no Ken Aian Kurō
Japan-flag.png Translated Iron Fist - Iron Claw
Creator Emerald47089
Card type Spell Card Spell.png
Property Cascade Cascade.png
If a monster you control battles an opponent's monster: You can cache this card from your Extra Deck or Special Summon from it. You take no battle damage from battles involving Special Summoned monsters you control. If a Special Summoned monster you control would be destroyed by battle, you can destroy this card instead. If this card is in your GY because it was sent there by its own effect: You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 Dragon Cascade Monster you control; that target gains 500 ATK, and ATK equal to its Limit x 500. You can only use this effect of "Iron Claw" once per turn.